Puerto Rico’s Path to Success

Puerto Rico (PR) is burdened with debt just like many citizens and cities in PR and mainland US.  It looks bleak for PR, but this situation creates a tremendous opportunity to rebuild their country/state better [...]

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Steve Bannon Declares War

Donald Trump is really just a puppet of Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist, at the White House.  So to see the direction of this administration it's important to focus on Bannon and his strategies for America. [...]

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Warren Buffet: America has never been greater

Warren Buffet comments that American has never been greater. "This is the best time to be alive in terms of medicine, transportation, entertainment, you name it or just in terms of aggregate wealth." Vote truth [...]

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Obama on Media: “How do we create a space where Truth gets eyeballs”.

Obama on the media: "How do we create a space where Truth gets eyeballs". "People have difficulty sorting out what's true and not true." Vote truth of this clip by selecting truer icon in top [...]

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Watch this video, then click the icon in top right corner to vote and comment on this page: + if you think it's true - if you think it's not true. https://youtu.be/hI8TCA3fJcs This American Life [...]

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Website Plugin Released

Truer.Info Releases Website Plugin Now ANY website can add truer plugin so users don't require Chrome extension. This allows anyone to vote and comment on any website anonymously.  Truer works in any browser on any [...]

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