Watch this video, then click the icon in top right corner to vote and comment on this page: + if you think it's true - if you think it's not true. This American Life [...]

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Website Plugin Released

Truer.Info Releases Website Plugin Now ANY website can add truer plugin so users don't require Chrome extension. This allows anyone to vote and comment on any website anonymously.  Truer works in any browser on any [...]

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Truer Enhanced with Comments

Truer.Info chrome extension app has been updated to allow comments.  Now you can register your vote and discuss or comment or even justify your reasoning and vote.  The comment box and the truer bar are [...]

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Truer.Info Nearly Breaks Internet with Record Growth

By Mark Stair, 22 Oct 2016 SEATTLE, WA -- Truer.Info grows more than exponential after the launch of the truer Chrome extension.  CEO Mark Stair says: "I was blown away by the overwhelming response, proving [...]

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Happy Days Proven to be when America WAS Great

By Mark Stair, 22 Oct 2016 NEW YORK (Truer.Info) -- Democrats were wondering "When WAS America Great?" or "America IS Great, what do you mean Great Again?".   Scott Baio answers these questions and gives proof [...]

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Google to Invest in Truer.Info due to “High Growth Potential”

Google contacts Truer.Info for strategic investment hours after submitting the Truer.Info app for the Chrome Extension store. 22 Oct 2016:  At 5:49 PM today just 2 hours after submitting Truer.Info Chrome Extension app,  Google contacted [...]

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