Google to Invest in Truer.Info due to “High Growth Potential”

Google contacts Truer.Info for strategic investment hours after submitting the Truer.Info app for the Chrome Extension store. 22 Oct 2016:  At 5:49 PM today just 2 hours after submitting Truer.Info Chrome Extension app,  Google contacted [...]

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Truer Chrome Extension Available!

The Truer chrome extension is available in beta and will soon be available on the chrome extension store. Our developers worked furiously so you can get in your truer votes!  Please note that this is [...]

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Media culture of misinformation

— in a media culture where people increasingly don’t buy into generally accepted facts and turn to places to have their opinions validated where there’s no wall between extreme and mainstream positions. Read more:

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Truer Awareness

AWARENESS There are no new truths, but only truths that have been recognized by those who have perceived them without noticing. -- Mary McCarthy Our greatest learnings often come when we are unaware that we [...]

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Truer versus “Truth”

The word "truth" is very lofty used at various events as in "Seek the truth and you will be ..<enter some lofty state of nirvana here>..." "Truth" is personal and is shaped by your values, beliefs, [...]

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