Google contacts Truer.Info for strategic investment hours after submitting the Truer.Info app for the Chrome Extension store.

22 Oct 2016:  At 5:49 PM today just 2 hours after submitting Truer.Info Chrome Extension app,  Google contacted Mark Stair, CEO and Chief Truer Seeker of Truer.Info for a strategic investment.

Google is focusing on a NEW program only available to a “handful” of brands that Google believes “have a high growth potential”.  The Google executive indicated that they have a rigorous vetting process “for the companies we ACCEPT into the program”.  Google also wanted to meet with Truer.Info immediately and suggested a Saturday conference call, however, Mark Stair didn’t want to seem too anxious so selected a Monday 3pm PT meeting.

Full email below.

Hi Mark,

I work at Google on a new program focused on digital advertising and we work with a handful of brands each quarter that we believe have high growth potential.

My team provides strategy recommendations, account builds and performance optimizations for the companies we accept into the program.

I wanted to chat about High 5 Software and your plans to see if you might be a good fit. Which day this week or next works best to chat for 15 minutes?

Talk soon,
Alyssa Zhen
Associate Digital Consultant, Google
(contact information removed from here)
I need Truer.Info to know if she is just trying to sell us Google advertizing or Sergey Brin heard about Truer.Info and told Alyssa Zhen to contact us immediately!

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Vote – if you think Alyssa just wants to sell us some advertising and take money from us.

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