By Mark Stair, 22 Oct 2016

NEW YORK (Truer.Info) — Democrats were wondering “When WAS America Great?” or “America IS Great, what do you mean Great Again?”.   Scott Baio answers these questions and gives proof that it was exactly January 15, 1974, to September 24, 1984.  The former Happy Days star, Chachi, explains in detail on his Facebook page.  Scott Baio told Truer.Info: “It’s obvious when America was great, that’s why EVERYONE called it ‘Happy Days’!”  When asked why that era had the worst cars and music, Scott responded “We didn’t really want good cars and music, we just wanted to be Happy and Great”.

1974 Ford Mustang during the beginning of the

1974 Ford Mustang during the beginning of the “Happy Days”

Scott releases a viral video blaming women for the destruction of American civilization if they don’t vote for trump.  When Truer.Info asked Henry Winkler, “The Fonz” of Happy Days about Scott’s comments, Henry said “Scott can ‘Sit on It'” explaining that he doesn’t think Scott has had any work since Happy Days so of course that’s when it was great for him.

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