It’s wrong to think politicians will “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).  Politicians are also not going to “Make Earth Great Again”, that’s entirely up to you and I.  Making America or your country great is up to everyone in the country including YOU right NOW. YOU have the power to make your country great again by first making your neighborhood and locality great again.  Instead of votes or hope, you can start NOW and make a difference immediately.  Every dollar you spend on LOCAL businesses is one point towards “Make your Locality Great Again” which eventually leads to “Make America (or enter your Country here) great again”.  Let’s get started NOW and “Make Your Locality Great Again”(TM).

First we should discuss the problems in American and many other countries and why YOU and I are the cause.  Because YOU are the cause of the problem in the first place, you can also be the solution.  To see a typical day causing this to happen, see my companion post “Why YOU Suck“.

Let’s start with one of the biggest causes and my most despised companies, Walmart.  Walmart is equivalent to a country about the size of Austria and this medium size country-sized business has WON the war against American and it’s time for all Americans to fight back.  Walmart first looks for locations that have decent wages and served by higher cost local businesses.  Then they buy goods from cheapest place they can find, usually Asia, and provide lowest wages possible. They also keep employee hours minimal so they don’t have to provide healthcare, and then SUCK all the money out of local business causing them to shut down.  All this money goes to the Walton family who probably pays very little taxes like the rest of the super rich.  From now on, every dollar you spend at Walmart or equivalent big box stores is every dollar you are contributing to the destruction of your community and country.  Although I’m glad to see Walmart falter in the face of, I’m don’t think Amazon will be any better unless the seller on Amazon is a local merchant.

This affect is repeated over and over again by large corporations.  Chain restaurants are so ubiquitous that you can’t even tell one community from the next.  Travel to many places is extremely boring because it’s the same franchise restaurants and stores you have at home.  Large chain grocery stores buy the cheapest food they can find from big ag processing firms that provide processed food shipped 1000’s of miles that has no nutrition, taste or health.  Big ag and horrible food creates more health problems served by pharmaceutical companies from all over the world.  Big box hardware stores are very convenient but have eliminated several local hardware stores were the owner knows your name.  Receiving gifts is now boring because all the large stores sell the same stuff you could easily buy yourself.

Big agriculture has also destroyed rural communities.  Farmers are squeezed between seed companies (Monsanto) and large food processing corporations (Cargill) relying on government subsidies no different than welfare and food stamps.  Couple hour drive out of thriving Seattle lands you in highly depressed areas that could instead be thriving natural sustainable farming communities.  Skagit Valley with Mount Vernon, WA seems to be a notable exception because they are focusing on sustainable agriculture and have a strong community focused around natural, smaller farms.

Each of us can Make our Localities great again in 3 easy steps:  1) Buy Local, 2) Reject processed, industrial food and 3) Buy direct from farmers and local manufacturers.  Every dollar you spend is even more powerful than any vote you have ever cast.

Let’s work together to “Make your locality great again”.  We actually have envisioned a solution to make this a reality so stay tuned….