Donald Trump is really just a puppet of Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist, at the White House.  So to see the direction of this administration it’s important to focus on Bannon and his strategies for America.  This blog focuses on two subjects of why Trump is just a puppet and what is Bannon’s likely strategy and the indicators towards that strategy.

Trump the Puppet:  Bannon seems to be very intelligent, articulate, and manipulative.  It will become more and more obvious that trump is being highly manipulated by Bannon.   That latest indication is when trump “accidentally” signed an executive order placing Bannon on the National Security Council and removed the Military Adviser/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Intelligence Adviser (they don’t really want intelligence in the group anymore).  There are various theories of how trump could sign this executive order such as his illiteracy but the important aspect is that Bannon slipped this in for trump to sign without properly explaining the meaning.  A conscientious person would not do such a thing, but Bannon has no conscious since he’s a psychopath.  Another example is the Muslim ban, a dream of Bannon’s since his 8-page treatment for a documentary “Destroying the Great Satan”.  Trump never really had anything against Muslim countries before Bannon as evidenced by the number of projects he has done in Muslim dominated countries.  So the conclusion is Bannon is the puppet master and trump is the puppet.

Time for War:  Bannon is is obsessed with war.  Not in a way that a normal person is that studies history, but in a way to actually start and lead a war.  In a 2011 speech, Bannon discussed how American (i.e. White Christian males) must rise up, create, and lead the “fourth turning” which is the crisis and war phase.  Bannon’s strategy is based on his detailed study of Sun Tzu Art of War and other war books.

Steps to create a war as seen and desired by Bannon:

  1. Capture your market without destroying it.  This strategy consisted of capturing America through the trump candidacy and rallying the people for a cause.  The “Make America Great Again” slogan was able to get massive numbers of people who are sick of the government establishment and the economic collapse of 2008.  They were able to get people out that don’t normally vote to rally for this cause.  Bannon said in a conference in 2011 that he would do this and it didn’t matter who was their candidate as long as he was able to win and be manipulated.  trump met all the requirements and even used some of his own money.  America has been captured by Bannon.
  2. Avoid your competitor’s strength and attack their weakness.  Hilary Clinton was part of the establishment, intelligent, and experienced.  Normally experience would be a strength, however the trump team used this as a weakness by blaming Hilary for EVERYTHING that ever went wrong in America since she was always part of the establishment and should have been able to fix it if she was so smart.  In a job interview, you would look for these kind of traits, but Bannon and trump were able to turn that around for their benefit.  The media was also an enemy or competitor and Bannon/trump were able to turn that around to their advantage through “alternative facts”, outright lies, attacking media, and winning huge about of coverage.  Bannon and team are now using this strategy to attack every country in the world.
  3. Discredit everyone who would be against such a strategy.  Twitter is trump’s main vehicle for discrediting everyone that would be against him.  Although it’s not been confirmed if Bannon actually tweets on behalf of trump, you can be sure that he’s feeding information to anger trump into his tweets.
  4. Create disinformation. Facebook and the media have become a continuous stream of lies and half-truths and no one seems to really care. was created as a way to identify truth, however we discovered that people are more interested in entertainment than truth.  Fake Facebook news tends to get more views and likes than detailed truthful analysis for most of the population.  With massive amounts of information, only the most entertaining info is being consumed whether it’s from Fox, FaceBook, PBS, or any media source on either the left or right.
  5. Establish the highest leadership position.  trump wins presidency and places Bannon in top positions for war.  Bannon is now in charge of the worlds greatest military power and nuclear arsenal.  Unlike previous dictators like Hitler and others we now have the ability to destroy human civilization.  Could you imagine what Hitler would have done with a nuclear arsenal…we probably would not exist today.
  6. Create confusion.  The massive number of executive orders in a short time are meant to create confusion throughout the country.  While liberals feel the need to protest, this actually helps Bannon’s cause to create more confusion and chaos.
  7. Prep your constituents for the possibility of war.  Bannon’s recent statements are preparing American and enemies for war.  His latest statement that China and America would be at war in the south china sea within 5 years and that it would be “unpleasant”.  For a normal person, “unpleasant” would be getting stuck with a needle or stubbing your toe but for a psychopath like Bannon, unpleasant could be anything from 1000’s of people die to complete annihilation of humanity.
  8. Provoke your enemy.  Numerous statements have been made through Bannon about China’s trade imbalance, currency manipulation, and his prediction of a war just outside their border.  Mexico having to pay for an idiotic wall is another example.  These acts accomplish a number of objectives.  First it gets the American public prepared for the possibility and second it sets the stage for war similar to a bully telling another kid to bring a good lunch to school tomorrow so the bully can steal it.
  9. Wage War.  The stage is set, the enemies have been identified, the power structure is established, the people have been warned, the media has been discredited, the internal opposition (democrats) have been suppressed, and executive orders have been established….now all that’s left is to push the button.  Good bye humanity, it’s been a great few thousand years.