The Truer chrome extension is available in beta and will soon be available on the chrome extension store.

Our developers worked furiously so you can get in your truer votes!  Please note that this is an early release and hope to get your feedback and suggestions.

Here is how it works:

  1. Install the Chrome extension.  We will show how as soon as it’s published on Chrome store or you can contact us at if you want it right now.
  2. Go to any website
  3. Click the truer icon in top right corner of Chrome browser
  4. Start voting!
    1. Select + if you believe the article or think its true
    2. Select – if you think its not believable or false
    3. If you get a friend to install the app and they go to same site you can see each other voting.
    4. Early users get unlimited votes per site so you can “Defend Truth with your friends” on any page.
  5. Click the Truer icon or logo to close and open to see others votes

Rating site for trueness