Pat is a typical person, Pat is you and I and we are sucking out the economy of the country.  Pat contributed to the destruction of the country, more than politicians.  In order to Make America Great Again, Pat, you and I need to quickly change our ways.  Pat is not a bad person so I’m not saying Pat sucks as a person, rather that Pat is sucking his dollars out of his community.  We need to pay attention to EVERY dollar we spend and determine if that dollar is helping or harming our country, our neighborhoods, our communities, and ourselves. Every time you move money out of your community it makes a [suck], [suck], [suck] sound that you can’t even hear unless you are listening carefully.

First we should discuss the problems in American and many other countries and why Pat, you and I are the cause.  Because we are the cause of the problem in the first place, we can also be the solution.

Let’s take a typical day for our fictitious friend Pat:

  1. Alarm made in Japan [suck] and bought at Walmart [suck] rings to wake Pat.  [Money sucks over to Japan, China, and Walton family [suck]]
  2. Pat takes his first pills for the day from European [suck] Pharmaceutical companies for an illness caused directly by stress and poor nutrition [suck]. [Money sucks over to Europe, Monsanto, Cargill and other Big Ag companies]
  3. Pat has breakfast of processed cereal from across the world with milk pumped with antibiotics because cows are stressed directly leading to Pat’s stress.  [Processed food [suck] is literally killing Pat and costing him thousands a year on health and pharmaceuticals.]
  4. Pat drives his foreign [suck] car filled with Saudi Arabian [suck] gas serviced by auto insurance from a company[suck] that pays no taxes.
  5. Pat arrives at his big box retail job but finds out that the schedule was changed and he doesn’t need to work for another couple hours because his company needs to keep him less than full time hours so they don’t have to pay health insurance [suck].
  6. Pat gets his paycheck and notices the IRS is taking out 15 cents for every Dollar he makes.  While reading his company’s quarterly report he notices the company paid NO taxes due to foreign entities, write-offs and executive bonuses [suck].  Pat also notices the CEO is now making 1000 times more than him.
  7. Just for fun Pat decides to calculate the height of a stack of hundred bills.  Bob calculates if he had his entire yearly salary in $100 bills it would be roughly the length of his finger.  The CEO [suck] stack would be hundreds of feet into the sky.  The owners of the company, lets call them Walton’s, stack would be 2 MILES HIGH [suck, suck, suck]…wait..they paid NO taxes [suck, suck, suck] while you take out 15% to 30% directly out of Pat paycheck, now that really sucks in the derogatory sense of that word.
  8. Pat’s wife asks him to pick up some groceries on way home from work and Pat goes to a big grocery chain.  He buys food from mexico, California and overseas.  Not only does Bob buy nothing from his community, he couldn’t even find anything in the store if he wanted to [suck].
  9. Pat has a King of Beer [suck] instead of a brew from a local brewer minutes from his house.
  10. Repeat day, after day [suck], [suck]…..

Do you get what’s happening?  Do you see what we are doing? Pat sucks! You and I suck!

Let’s stop sucking and support our locality, our community, and our neighborhood.  Let’s keep our dollar recirculating in our community and locality.  No preparation necessary, no online courses I can provide, and nothing to sell.  Just find and seek local business for EVERYTHING you purchase.  Buy seasonal products to further avoid needing to buy stuff outside your locality. Once you improve your community, take a job with a local business or start your own business.  If we do this community by community we will Make America Great Again, but first we must Make our Local Communities Great Again!

No offense to anyone named Pat since Pat is really just you and I.